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CSquared is a Denver-based consulting firm that provides c-suite executives and business owners with strategic support to improve operations, cash flow, strategy, and more.

With over 100 years of c-suite level corporate experience, CSquared’s team of highly-qualified professionals has built a powerful reputation for being trustworthy and producing results. However, in late 2015, they realized that their logo and brand image didn’t visually communicate that reputation in a modern and relevant way.

Logo Design

To give CSquared a modern and relevant visual brand, we re-engineered their logo and developed additional secondary marks for use on both printed and digital collateral. For the new logo, we simplified the design to increase clarity and achieve a “flat-graphic” aesthetic that remains striking and legible at all sizes.

Style Guide

CSquared originally had a limited color palette of green and gold. We modified the green, got rid of the gold, and selected a new deep blue as their primary color, moving away from the earth tones and “Green Bay” aesthetic and more towards a high-tech, corporate, and trustworthy feel. To complete the transition from outdated to modern, we introduced a fresh, sans-serif font-family, Futura Std, as their primary heading and web font.

Branding System

To promote uniformity and ensure the successful deployment of the new visual brand, we developed an updated branding system for CSquared that included business cards, portfolios, brochures, signage, email signatures, and more.

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