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Homes for Hope

Branding, eLearning, Online Marketing, Web Design

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  • website design
  • branding system
  • email campaign


Homes for Hope (H4H) is a nonprofit organization based in Dallas, TX that partners with homebuilders in the US and Canada to raise money for fighting global poverty.

H4H is a small team that typically has 5-10 projects taking place concurrently across the country. For each Home for Hope that is built, there are multiple events that need to be organized and promoted, and a multitude of stakeholders that need to be engaged and communicated with to ensure the success of the project.

Proprietary Branding System

To help H4H strengthen their brand uniformity across a vast geography, we developed the H4H Builder Toolbox, a proprietary branding system that allows them to efficiently produce high-impact, print and digital collateral for each project. We designed the Toolbox to be holistic in nature, including invitations, media alerts, apparel, brochures, billboards, banners, infographics, donor reports and more.

Website Overhaul

To help H4H strengthen their communications with current and prospective builders, we designed a new company website with a focus on engaging builders and building community. The new website utilizes builder pages that chronicle a builder’s partnership history with H4H, as well as their progress on current projects. Additionally, we developed a dynamic event calendar system which allows H4H to quickly create, promote, and collect RSVP’s for upcoming events.

Online Marketing Platform

To help H4H generate and nurture leads, we developed a centralized, online marketing platform that allows them to efficiently author and distribute content via their company blog, email newsletter, and social media platforms. We also developed brand-consistent email templates and illustrations designed to optimized click through and conversion rates.

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